Why You Host Your Website With Weezly Host

We Do Not Oversell Our Services Use your full allocations guaranteed.

Why You Should Choose Weezly Host

We're technology professionals who are passionate about helping anyone who wants to get their ideas online. We assist inventors, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, fresh thinkers, and the like. we go out of our way to assist them - with premium, reliable technology, simple, affordable solutions, and solid knowledge and advice. Weezly Host provides quality web hosting services, helps people get their websites online, and supports them with best customer service 24/7/365. We're so confident that you'll be satisfied with our service that Weezly Host offers a 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee! Your purchase is risk-free, worry-free, and totally guaranteed!


CloudLinux provides greater server stability, security and performance by isolating each tenant in their own lightweight virtualized environment (LVE). Other OS allow servers to go offline due to a single account while CloudLinux stays stable by isolating the impact to the offending tenant. our web hosting delivers incredibly fast page load times, superior security, and solid reliability. Our hosting is fully managed with proactive server updating and patching. And, every service, running on every server is actively monitored 24/7/365 by experienced network administrators.


We use LiteSpeed, a premium web server application capable of processing requests up to 9 times faster than Apache. LiteSpeed includes multiple layers of protection you just won’t find with Apache, making LiteSpeed a faster and more robust web server. It increases performance of PHP by 50% and SSL by 3 times. By combining LiteSpeed with CloudLinux, we provide every customer with their own Lightweight Virtual Environment and access to a web server that is up to 9 times faster than Apache.


We understand how important good web hosting support is. Please feel more than free to submit a new help desk ticket in your client area. Here our WeezlyHost Hosting Support Team can assist you in your problems. Our friendly Support Team is available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We look forward to hearing from you! Our 24/7 support team is available to assist you with your domain, hosting and online presence needs. We do our best to immediately respond to and fix any problems that you might be having. Our average response time for a ticket is 5 to 25 minutes.


We use only enterprise-grade SSD drives on all shared hosting servers for the most optimal performance. Our servers are powered by SSD Drives which are up to 300% faster than regular hard disk drives to ensure maximum performance. This makes page load times up to 300% faster on SSD powered web hosting and thus keeps your visitors or potential customers on your website, no one wants to browse or shop on a slow website. Experience up to 300% better performance on SSD storage for both your files and databases.

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